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Armored Squad

Armored Squad For PC (WINDOWS 10/8/7) FREE DOWNLOAD

Armored Squad Introduction:

The mechanics of Armored Squad: Mechs Vs Robots are very simple: as soon as you’ve got selected the sort of robotic you need to manipulate, you simply ought to use the joystick to the left of the display to manipulate your motion and swipe your finger across the proper hand aspect of the display to regulate the camera

. Your hero will hearthplace automatically, so to complete off enemies you simply ought to be aiming at them till your missiles take their fitness right all the way down to 0. Identical as Team Fortress 2, Armored Squad: Mechs Vs Robots has a whole lot of recreation modes wherein teamwork is vital to being victorious. The magnificence gadget is likewise identical, which will increase replayability way to every sort of robotic‘s specific abilities.


  • Fight with lasers, swords, and rocket launchers at an identical time!…
  • . ​Our robots can use a couple of guns ​simultaneously.
  • Force fields and bounce jets, boosters and shields, uncountable guns – equip the mech to fit your fashion of play.
  • Repair your allies and positioned shielding sentry guns.
  • Collect components of destroyed machines to collect new robotic. Achieve new ranks in multiplayer or unmarried participant duels
  • . Unlock all 3 ranges of difficulty.
  • Team Fortress 2, the photographs additionally mimic Team Fortress 2′s fashion, however, in this situation, the charismatic characters withinside the unique were changed with the aid of using similarly captivating.


A very satisfactory recreation… however, the cellular battery drainage is more. Anyways, the sport is cool however it might be splendid if u should create a mech frame with components collected. Also, u can upload gadgets to create a black hole…

it might be super-amusing then, or u can upload telekinetic factors to the gadget. They r only a few suggestions. Hope u will upload those soon. It is a splendid recreation… besides the battery drainage


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