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BlockuDoku For PC Download [Windows & iOS]


BlockuDoku For PC Download [Windows & iOS] – FREE GAME

BlockuDoku For PC Download Free(Windows 11/10/8/7) | iOS [iPhone] | Android Apk. Find an appropriate location for every block withinside the amusing puzzle sport BlockuDoku. If you are a fan of poser video games and are seeking out a brand new task, this sport will preserve you hooked for hours. Anything can take place in its thrilling video games. BlockuDoku has exquisite easy gameplay: simply drag puzzles portions from the lowest of the display screen and location them at the board at the pinnacle of the display screen.

The board is split like a sudoku board, so sudoku lovers could have an advantage. To win factors, integrate puzzles portions to cause them to disappear. Each time you fill a whole line, row, or all of the squares in a phase of the grid, all of the portions will disappear, triumphing your factors and developing greater room at the board so that you can preserve gambling.

To get an excessive rating, cautiously bear in mind in you can locate your 3 to be had portions, then placed them in only the proper location to remove as many squares as possible. Eliminate squares or greater actions in a row, and you will get a mixture and win even greater factors. That being said, you will lose your mixture bonus on the primary flow you can not remove a column, row, or phase.

BlockuDoku Features:

  • 9×9 block puzzle board. Merge dice blocks at the 9×9 grid, which need to be acquainted with all sudoku lovers, to construct traces and squares.
  • Blocks of diverse shapes. Strategically stack sudoku blocks which include cubes at the board to spoil them and preserve the board clean.
  • Join Seasonal Events and get precise lively postcards.
  • Color themes. Choose among a minimalist dice block sport or a traditional timber block puzzle.
  • Challenging goals. Never forestall check IQ and difficult yourself in a block puzzle sport – try and beat your excessive rating or compete with friends.
  • Combos. Master the block puzzle sport by destroying numerous tiles with simply one flow.
  • Streak. Score greater factors through destroying factors with some actions in a row.
  • Unique mechanics.
  • Addictive gameplay.

Game Review:

Fun puzzle sport. I just like the day-by-day task however decide upon the ordinary sport. The tournaments and comparable demanding situations are interesting, however, I do not need to spend that plenty of time gambling on a day-by-day basis.


BlockuDoku Game Tutorial:


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