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Eyes – the horror game PC (WINDOWS) FREE DOWNLOAD

Eyes - the horror game

Eyes – the horror game PC (WINDOWS 10/8/7) FREE DOWNLOAD


Eyes – The Horror Game is pretty an awesome horror recreation that, following withinside the footsteps of Slender, gives a brand new revel in on every occasion you play. The purpose is that everything, the region of the baggage, the distribution of the eyes, and the appearances of the ghosts, is absolutely random.

Your goal is to undergo all of the rooms of the building, open every closet and appearance in the back of each door attempting to find the baggage of money, however, be cautious now no longer to come across a mystical presence. If the fixtures begin offevolved to transport and also you pay attention bizarre sounds then it is time to run due to the fact otherwise, it is in all likelihood that a terrible creature ends the lifestyles of your primary character.

In the extraordinary rooms of the building, you may additionally discover eyes drawn at the walls. These eyes, whilst touching them, will display you phantasmagorical visions of positive locations withinside the building. What you need to do with that records is as a way to decide.


  • Multiple degrees to release a vintage haunted house, a deserted hospital, and a desolated school.
  • More delivered all of the time!
  • Multiple gameplay modes to endure.
  • Use mystical Eye runes to look via the monster’s twisted imagination and prescient.
  • continue to exist its grudge
  • Consult a hand-drawn map to devise your subsequent move.
  • Compete with fellow adventurers on the worldwide leaderboards or play offline.
  • The ideal horror & mystery recreation: hectic gameplay, a horrifying beast, surprising jumpscare, and a chilling atmosphere.


I love the story, it is now no longer too complex or too simple. It’s a laugh recreation, and a blast from the past. My best trouble became that the sport is probably too smooth for a few people, however it makes up with it is first to affect scares, and the jumpscares, despite the fact that surprising, are not horrifying and get repetitive.

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