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Healthy Blue For Android (Mobile) Free Download

              “Healthy BlueFor Android (Mobile)”

Healthy Blue for android is a simple instinctive and more customized approach to get data about one’s health plan.


  • Find The Doctor- By this app users can easily find a doctor, hospital, pharmacy, or specialist in their plan. Users can search by city and state, specialty, and plan.
  •  Change your PCP-  With access to your secure account, users can: change their primary care provider (PCP) and View or print their member ID card.
  • How to Enroll- Before users can enroll with Healthy Blue, they’ll need to apply to Healthy Louisiana. Once they are notified that you are eligible then choose Healthy Blue for each member of your family who has Medicaid or LaCHIP. Users can also choose us for each member who gets Behavioral Health Services. Some enrollees are automatically assigned a health plan but users can switch to Healthy Blue.
  • How to Renew- Users need to renew their Medicaid benefits every twelve months to keep them. If they don’t renew on time, they could lose their benefits. Users can also renew by calling the Louisiana Department of Health at 1-888-342-6207 Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • Member ID Card – the users need a member ID number to register (located on their member ID card).

Key Features of Healthy Blue:

With the Healthy Blue mobile app, one can:

  • Check his\her symptoms with apps symptom checker.
  • Call a registered nurse (RN) to talk in private about his\her health anytime, day or night.
  • Ask questions progressively through an intuitive talk.
  • Sync one’s fitness wellness devices.
  • Search and take a look at wellness resources.
  • Discover programs that interest one’s and fabricate an activity intend to meet one’s wellbeing objectives.
  • Sign in easily and securely with  Touch ID.
  • Make it personal with information and features designed around his\her.                                                        
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