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Horrorfield Multiplayer horror PC (WINDOWS) FREE DOWNLOAD

Horrorfield Multiplayer horror

Horrorfield Multiplayer horror PC (WINDOWS 10/8/7) FREE DOWNLOAD


Horrorfield Multiplayer horror is a notable movement and horror recreation that gives a comparable revel into Dead with the aid of using Daylight however on Android devices. The recreation additionally capabilities a few awesome graphics, to boot.

The controls in Horrorfield are very intuitive, with a digital manage pad at the left-hand facet of the display and movement buttons at the right. In addition, every time you come upon an interactive item withinside the world, some other button will pop up to apply it. The specific goal of the 4 human gamers relies upon at the level, however commonly it entails turning on a chain of mills, starting doors, etc. In the center of all of this, they also can try to protect themselves from the monster’s assaults and heal their wounds.


  • BASKETBALL PLAYER can run far from the assassin quicker than the alternative gamers.
  • 🩺DOCTOR heals himself and different sufferers
  • . 🛠️ENGINEER can restore mills and crafts armors and guns greater fast.
  • 🗝️THIEF has excessive stealth and agility to cover from a serial killer.
  • 💣MERCENARY is a courageous soldier who is not frightened of psycho.
  • 🔭SCIENTIST can improve the navy system and unfold his charisma of understanding to the alternative survivors.
  • 🏃Escape from the serial killer as fast as possible, or you may need to face the horrifying butcher.
  • ⚡Repair all of the mills to show at the energy and free up the go out gate


  •  Co-op horror recreation with 4v1 gameplay.
  • Survivor mode lets gamers break out from the bloody killer cooperatively.
  • Maniac mode lets you increase an approach for searching your sufferers independently.
  • Unique man or woman leveling and private abilities.
  • Unique crafting system – create and improve objects at workshops.
  •  High-specified places with a daunting atmosphere.


This recreation is truly gratifying for game enthusiasts who love intensifying situations and terrible sounds. I truly experience the sport with intensifying moments even as solving mills and rescuing different game enthusiasts earlier than escaping thru the gates. I pursue leveling up every one of my characters collectively with their talents and guns.

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