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Might & Magic

Might & Magic For PC (WINDOWS 10/8/7) FREE DOWNLOAD

Might & Magic Introduction:

In Might & Magic Join Queen Catherine Ironfist on a probe to revive the dominion of Erathia ravaged by war. Summon legendary heroes, assemble massive armies of legendary creatures, mighty knights, and powerful spellcasters, and use strategy and magic to prevail in battle.


DISCOVER a huge STORY CAMPAIGN, In Might & Magic  Polish your guns, refine your strategy and

prepare your army for battle Fight for justice and glory by leading massive armies into time period ranged and blockade battles.

opt for the simplest formation prior to battle and use your hero spells to show the tide in your favor.

Trounce YOUR OPPONENTS IN fast PVP DUELS, Order your units rigorously on the field and enter the PvP arena.

In Might & Magic check your army’s strength and brag your strategic skills against alternative players with each asynchronous and real-time multiplayer mode.

Aggroup IN order ADVENTURES & order WARS, True heroes ne’er fight alone in the Might & Magic.

be part of a guild and fight aboard friends and other players from all around the world.

Speed ​​up castles and conquer enemy strongholds in epic PvP battles. be part of the guild quests to achieve the highest of the guild leaderboard and collect rare loots in Might & Magic.

COLLECT AND TRAIN legendary HEROES & UNITS, Recruit different heroes from the Mai and Magic universes, each with their own special abilities, weapons, and artifacts. Collect, train and upgrade 40+ dreadful troops and creatures:

Knights, Griffins, Archangels, Dragons, Orcs, and lots of more in Might & Magic.

IMMERSE YOURSELF in a very FANTASTIC WORLD,  In Might & Magic Explore your favorite heroes and enemies, creatures, and environments in a colorful new anime-inspired second art style.

TAKE PART IN LIVE EVENTS & WEEKLY CHALLENGES, participate in an exceedingly vary of difficult Live Events to grind rare things. to assist you to reclaim the dominion of Erathia, Queen Catherine has ready several special bonuses, as well as super units, rare items, and far more.


Although this is a Gacha game, Might & Magic is one of the best games of its kind.

While this is not a turn-based strategy game of HoMM where stacked units are selected, it is a more powerful game. He is truly one of the best in this genre. Have a real strategy.

Most games have broken heroes, most factions have great odds if played correctly. However, there are a large number of paid skins with paid heroes and units in Might & Magic.

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