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Sword Master Story

Sword Master Story PC (WINDOWS 10/8/7) FREE DOWNLOAD


Sword Master Story is an RPG that transports you to a celestial universe complete of delusion factors. In Sword Master Story, you may discover 2D visuals that immerse you in every combat. The actions you are making at the battlefield take area automatically, however, the very last end result relies upon closely at the technique you take. Depending on the shape of your team, you may be capable of creating assault combinations to help you defeat every institution of opponents.

Sword Master Story additionally offers you higher rewards in case you control to finish sure tiers quickly. This is why it is vital to broadening an awesome method with the aid of using accurately combining the heroines you earn for triumphing combats. You’re assured to have a blast as you equip your characters with exceptional guns and factors to defeat the evil beings in every round. This universe is at risk and it is as much as you to apply all of the assets and powers you’ve got at your disposal to prepare triumphing strategies.


Hack & Slash:

  • Double the delight and amusing way to fantastic talent animations! 
  • Exciting Action RPG that may be loved even in idle mode!
  • An outstanding aggregate of appealing illustrations and particular pixel graphics

Adventure and Story:

  • Gather the goddesses as partners to take part in infinite battles and earn rewards! 
  • If you clean levels faster, you may get higher rewards!
  • Discover the hidden fact via a brand new tale every 10 levels.

Character Collection RPG:

  • Summon forty particular heroes from mythology and mythical equipment.
  • Strategically install heroes of four exceptional training and five exceptional attributes to win the battle!
  • The extra characters you collect, the extra the Buff will cross up! Complete your personal collection


It’s in reality amusing. Using competencies is in reality satisfying. I love the armor set bonus mechanic. I desire it’d be less difficult to peer which portions of the set I actually have and who is sporting what.

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