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The Trivia Crack 2

The Trivia Crack 2  For PC (WINDOWS 10/8/7) FREE DOWNLOAD


The Trivia Crack 2 is a fantastic a laugh trivial multiplayer sport that consists of so many questions that it’ll be sometime earlier than you run right into a repeated one. Without a doubt, that is one of the maximum exciting approaches to play minutiaelities out of your Android smartphone The gameplay is simple: you need to answer questions for the duration of your flip and ship the answers thru the Internet if you want to get extra correct answers than your rivals.

Also, you furthermore may get to play in online duels in addition to personal challenges. The sport consists of numerous thousand questions divided into six categories. As usual, you’ll have specific power-ups that’ll assist you for the duration of the maximum tough situations. Keep in thoughts that it’s first-class now no longer to abuse this form of benefit due to the fact the goal of the sport is to study and display off your knowledge


🎁 PLAY AND PICK A PRIZE. How fortunate are you? Time to get plenty of prizes with this mind sport! Unlock hidden rewards and take all of the accrued prizes. Be careful! If you select out the incorrect token you may lose the entirety you got.

  • ➤Collections: attain crowns withinside the specific sport modes and win characters to collect.
  • ➤Chat: talk with different participants of the identical group thru the chat
  • ➤Tic-Tac-5: answer questions in conventional mode and get crowns and gold bars.
  • ➤Rescue Rush: display you’re a minutiaelities famous person who can shop our sport’s characters!
  • ➤Chat: talk with different participants of the identical group thru the chat.
  • ➤Trivia Pass: do you need higher prizes? You can get the VIP Membership and accumulate the Trivia Pass.

👑 RANK AND FAST. Prove you’re a minutiaelities famous person and attain the pinnacle! Collect as many crowns as you could for the duration of the week to reap the first-class feasible role at the ranking. The league will provide remarkable prizes for the pinnacle 20 players!


Once once more I am modifying my post. The third time is a charm. I really experience those minutiaelities crack games. Especially this app. I actually have skilled numerous issues. Lately, I get logged out even as I’m conducting a tournament. The rattling app closes via way of means of itself. Long (drama) tale short, even after the comments i provide…

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