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Trend Micro For Android (Mobile) Free Download

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trend micro mobile security for android

Trend Micro For Android (Mobile) Free Download

Trend Micro Mobile Security for Android:

The trend micro mobile security for android gives the best insurance to Android cell phones and tablets conveying 100% malevolent application identification. Its Advanced AI examines shields against malignant applications, infections, data fraud, ransomware, and crypto-excavators.

Neighborhood Web Guard secures against extortion, phishing, and other risky sites in all programs. Its driving instruments, utilities, and scanner keep you made aware of dangers increment portable financial security, support your telephone’s execution, and permits you to discover, lock, or eradicate your gadget on the off chance that it disappears.

Trend Micro Key Features:

  • Compatible with Androidâ„¢ smartphones and tablets
  • Gives Protection against web threats
  • Safeguards against email scams
  • Keeps children safe online
  • Secures privacy on social media
  • It boosts mobile device performance with an app manager, cleaner system, and app optimizer
  • It Prevents unauthorized access to application
  • It has Wi-Fi scanning to report unsecured network connections
  • It has a Remote console to find your lost phone, recover from common ransomware hijacking, or wipe your device
  • Its System Tuner – Helps you manage battery and memory efficiently
  • The Privacy Scanner feature of the app – Warns you of apps that could expose your personal information
  • The Secret Snap feature of the app – Captures a picture of unauthorized attempts to use your device

The Application permissions:

The accompanying authorizations are needed for optimal protection and service.

  • App Usage Access- for App Lock
  • Storage- for scanning apps on your SD card
  • Location- for Lost Device Portal
  • SMS- for messaging blocking
  • Draw over other apps: for critical alerts
  • For Safe Surfing and Preinstall Scan- Accessibility
  • For power saving tools, like Just-A-Phone mode- Modify system settings

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